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Generator Extension Help

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Generator Extension Help

Hi community, my team is building an extension for the architects of Singapore. We designing a program to scrap data from the urban development agency of Singapore, that sets a boundary/constraint box that residential project, for users to be able to continue modelling in Forma.


We are working on the API keys now and we would like to ask if it is actually possible for us to program our generator such that we can specify a coordinate of an object using rather than having the users create the object via click as they wish? We have checked across all the other generators and they seem to only allow snapping of objects. 


We are excited to bring value to the community!

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Hi. Yes, this is possible if I understand you correctly. If you don't specify a polygon or polyline as an input parameter to your generator, the generator will be invoked directly without the user having to define any points.

Trygve Aaberge
Software Engineer
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Hey Trygve, thanks for your reply.

We are trying to create a mesh without a user input, where we specify the position of the mesh. Is that possible? Right now it seems like we cannot access or find how to get the coordinate system.
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Hey Trygve we got it! Thank you!

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in reply to: billy_awTVHNJ

How did you manage to do this? Please share the code if it's not too much trouble.

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Hello Mev, 


Honestly it was nothing much. It was just a manual override of the sample code. Trying to test out some other functions like extrude GEOjson if you manage to get it please share too!

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in reply to: billy_awTVHNJ

Thanks a lot! I’m at this stage too) There’s nothing to add yet, but if I progress, I’ll definitely share.

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