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Exporting Datas (excell) from Daylight Analysis and Sun Hour analysis

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Exporting Datas (excell) from Daylight Analysis and Sun Hour analysis

We are an Architecture firm based in Portugal. We are currently testing Autodesk Forma to understand if it a good option for our work. We are having issues on exporting datas, it seems that when Forma was still "Spacemaker" was still possible to export every analysis in "excell statistics" form ( Since we are going to be presenting the results of our interaction with A. Forma to the heads of the Studio, we would need to succeed to extracts those datas. Is there any way? Is it because we are in a trial version?
Thank you for your help,

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Hi! Thank you for reaching out! There is currently no Export to Excel feature in Forma. There is no difference between the trial and the paid version. 


This is something that we might consider in the future or that could implemented as a plug-in/extension to Forma. However, not all analyses in Forma have numerical statistics that are easily exportable. It would be helpful to hear what numbers you want to export to understand your use case better. For the different analyses, are you looking for overall statistics for the proposals, or are you looking for more raw data, e.g. sun results for all measuring points in the projects? 


Thank you for testing Forma and please keep the questions coming! 🙂 


Best regards,

Magnhild Gjestvang

Product Manager, Autodesk Forma

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