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Enhance Forma authoring capabilities!

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Enhance Forma authoring capabilities!

We started the Forma journey with extendibility in mind and open API documentation from day 1. (Documentation here. ) 
TestFit and ShapeDiver were the initial pioneers who placed their trust in us for this journey. They made the strategic choice to develop their solutions on our platform, playing a pivotal role in the establishment of the 3rd Party ecosystem. Since then, our dedicated product teams have been tirelessly working and innovating to provide you with increased flexibility and power when it comes to crafting solutions on our platform. One of the tangible outcomes of this effort is now accessible through the Rhino open Beta. 
In the future, we intend to progressively expand and make more APIs available. Some of the ideas currently on our radar include: 

  • Extending ways of generative site and geometry creation. 
  • Enabling more modeling tools to author design intent on the same rules that our native capabilities do.  
  • Investigating higher level automation and how interconnected ecosystems can work together to start adding compounding value to end-user workflows. This includes going deeper into design stages and creating more granular, detailed elements within the scene.     

A fundamental aspect of establishing an open ecosystem is early collaboration with both creators and end-users. If you have a concept for a Forma extension, wish to customize our services, or identify a potential business collaboration opportunity, we warmly encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts with us! You can also post your unpublished extensions on this forum to gather early feedback and test prototypes. 

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hello @krzysztof_jedrzejewskiAT8YZ , the link to the documentation seems to be broken. ☹️

Assistant BIM/CAD Manager

Manchester, UK

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Thank you for pointing this out, and sorry for this getting lost for us! We will update the link asap. @krzysztof_jedrzejewskiAT8YZ 

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