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Dynamo in Forma for Areas

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Dynamo in Forma for Areas

Hi ,


I've started testing the dynamo integration with Forma. I really like the UI and think it has a lot of potential. The sample script for costing is a great example of how data from the Forma model could be manipulated using Dynamo. I'd be interested in adapting this to do more detailed area exports. I would like access to area by floor, floor to floor height, building ID etc. - it looks like these metrics are currently not available. Is this on the roadmap?





Caoimhe Loftus


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Hi Caoimhe.

I'm delighted that you are testing the Dynamo integration 🙂 And I'm happy to hear that you where able to use the cost sample.

Yes, currently you are limited to what you can select manually in the scene. We are currently working on exposing more details through our Javascript SDK (which the Dynamo extension is built upon). These changes will eventually give the ability to drill into more of these properties. I'll keep these use cases in mind when we get to revising the Dynamo nodes. Please add elaborate more on the concrete uses cases that you would like to see here. This makes it easier for us to design the abstractions (nodes/automatic selection) that is required for you to be able to work effectively with this data 🙂 



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Thanks Havard, I wanted to access this data so that I can pull it into excel and potentially powerbi to produce more detailed area schedules and information sheets that can sit alongside the proposals. Let me know if it would be helpful to have a call to discuss.



Caoimhe Loftus


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Ah, that would be great. Every call with you is a delight 🙂 

Lets time this so that I can have something to show for and then we could do a few iterations on it. We're shipping the read APIs in preparations for the Hackathon in mid February. If get head space before that I'll reach out 🙂 Or else I need to push this a bit. But we really need to get early validations on these core APIs, and I hope that Dynamo will be an enabling technology for this discovery 🙂 

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