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draw lines in 3d scene

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draw lines in 3d scene

Hi guys, I need to create a polygons and lines in 3d scene with the Forma API, but I don't want use the desingTool, I only want to pass some coordinates and draw it. do you have any suggestions?.

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Hi you have two options. 

You either do a visualization or you add an element. The visualization would be removed when you exit the extension and cannot be interacted with. While the element would be a persistent design element in the model.


So visualization would be [`Forma.render.geojson`]( and the element would be [`Forma.integrateElements.createElementHierarchy`](
The second is a bit complex to implement but you can see [this example]( from our Dynamo extension.

These will draw a 2d line draped on the terrain, if you are looking for 3d line in space then the answer is a bit more complex. Let me know if that was what you where looking for and I'll help you along 🙂

- Håvard

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