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Create analysis capabilities in Forma!

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Create analysis capabilities in Forma!

It is now possible to create analysis extensions in Forma. See our developer guide with a Software Development Kit (SDK) and documentation on how to get started here. 


We are at the start of the journey to let third parties contribute to the Forma analysis suite and will continuously expand the open platform possibilities. We believe in building this together with the industry and want to engage third party developers early. If you represent in-house technologists in an architecture firm, an AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) startup, engineering firm or AEC focused software development consultancy we would love to hear from you to understand how we can make your life easy when building on top of Forma. If you feel constrained with our APIs please share this with us on the forum so we know where and how we need to expand our functionality.


Third party developers will be able to create new tools on top of Forma or integrate their existing tools and choose to offer and monetize it to all or selected Forma users. We will find ways to connect developers and Forma end users to suggest and test extensions and believe this Forum will be a great start.  


You can now share ids of unpublished extensions and share them with colleagues or openly on the Forum to enable rapid testing and gather early feedback.  


Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 10.29.01.png



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