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Boundary Capabilities of Forma - GIS Mapping?

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Boundary Capabilities of Forma - GIS Mapping?

Can you please provide more information around Forma & the following from web page, what are select markets?

Automatic datasets

Forma sources specific datasets such as terrain, buildings, and boundaries (select markets only).

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As of right now, we unfortunately don't have a publicly available page detailing what data is available where. We are working on it though!

In general though, we try to find sources in each country/region that provide high quality data for each of the data types terrain, buildings, roads and property boundaries. In addition, we also integrate with some global providers; Aster (terrain), OpenStreetMap (roads and buildings), Mapbox (base map/satellite images).

If you let me know which country would be relevant for you I can give you a more detailed overview of what is currently available there.

Øyvind Robertsen
Sr. Software Engineer
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Oyvind - thank you for getting back to me. We would be looking to apply this software with the USA and Canada. If there are plans to leverage platforms in US & CA, please check out GeoThinq (

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For the US we have the following data sources integrated as of now:

Building data: OpenStreetMap (OSM), FEMA, OpenCityModel

Property boundaries: Regrid

Road data: OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Terrain: USGS / NationalMap (1m resolution)

Map texture: Mapbox

Satellite images: Mapbox


Building data: OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Road data: OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Map texture: Mapbox

Satellite images: Mapbox

Thanks for the tip about GeoThinq! We are actively working on integrating with both new providers for existing data types, and new data types from both old and new providers, so I've brought it to the team!

Øyvind Robertsen
Sr. Software Engineer

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