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Add Marking Menu when placing Assets

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate idubail on ‎01-25-2017 02:15 AM

When I place Assets in Inventor, I have to do a RMB, then Clic "Done", or hit "Enter" key.

Please add a marking menu to do it quickly !


Factory Marking Menu.png

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Asset View Representation Persistence

Status: Implemented
by Participant m.slosson on ‎08-17-2016 08:06 AM

Right now we can choose a View Representation to use for 2D asset creation upon 3d asset publish, but if a parameter changes once you place the asset in a layout, the 2d asset view that gets generated during AutoCAD Sync uses whatever view representation is currently active in the asset, regardless of whether a specific View Rep was specified when the asset was published. The 2d publish options for View Rep need to be persistent without regard to what the key parameter values are.

Status: Implemented

Floor/ Grid Settings

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor nischant on ‎09-06-2016 02:11 AM

Hello Autodesk people!


I have a few ideas/requests regarding the Floor Settings in Inventor Factory Design.


  1. Is it possible to remove the Floor Border? Not turn off visibility but having my Floor for example 100 meters long and 30 meters wide when I measure it, if I put those values in the ´Length/Width´fields, withought the additional Border.
  2. Is it possible to define my Coordinate system to be in a corner of my Floor for example? Even if I manipulate my Floor Size manually, I can´t get closer than 5 meters to my corner.
  3. The Floor Size – width/length have min and max values defined… can this be bypassed somehow to make my Floor smaller or larger than the values it allows in the User Defined Settings?





Revit in FDS

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast wezpb on ‎01-20-2016 05:31 AM

I think it would e a good idea to include a version of Revit in FDS. how else would you conbine a Revit 3D model with a system model to enable to creation of contextual sections i.e. sections that include the building and the system. Inventor can import Revit but not the scale of projects that we work with.

MEP Connector data inheritance

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer sahire on ‎04-07-2016 07:23 AM

When we add ” BIM exchange “ connectors for Pipe flow , electrical connectors etc, to an asset, when that asset is consumed into an IAM, the connector detail is lost.


The enhancement is for the Assy to retain the BIM exchange info for each asset within the Assy IAM….


Please contact robin.ballew@autodesk.com for more details.


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Put tolerances in assembly so you can check to make sure your assembly is within tolerance.

Currently, if you use the feature property suppression option, (see attached) the suppression is not recognized when setting various levels of detail. I use this property for turning Clearance areas on and off. When there are multiple pieces of equipment that have these clearances, we use a Level of Detail to turn them all off or on as needed. Currently you have to actually suppress the part to add it to the Level of Detail in the assembly.

Status: Future Consideration
Currently, the only way this can be achieved is, as you have documented, through an assembly. If I am understanding correctly, you would like a concept of an LOD on a multi body part - that would allow you to suppress the features you want suppressed.... is that correct?
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Connector capability

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Logos_Atum on ‎02-15-2013 12:17 AM

Hello there,


working with assets i encountered a problem.

When doin an array of Assets i noticed the fact

connectors do connect but fail to update when

the origiinating object of the array change.


I can bypass this by trying to move the object,

for it can´t be moved because it´s fixed but to

simply try to move it is enough to get Inventor

to update the asset to the object it´s connected



With very simple objects this is not necessary,

but with the objects i created this tends to happen.



Can this be fixed with an update? Seems like a

minor change to me.


Kind regards




Problem: Asset Chain Graphics is only a polyline when first created and requries a round trip for update. The polyline graphics are not effective or desirebale by the user and therefore may not be used.



Idea: Have a update graphics button (right click on Asset?) that would roundtrip the polyline to generate the planview graphics.



i´m testing the labs tool Process Simulation 360 and i think it is a great tool and easy to use. But i don´t know the meaning of MTTR and MTBF and there is no discription.


And now my idea:


Create my layout in ACAD Architecture and put in all of my material flow, product and so on. Export an XML or something else and load it in this new labs tool. In Process Simulation 360 i want to check out if my layout can reach my output or what happen if my processor is faster, slower or stops for 2 hours because of a crash in the maschine.


A nice to have: All operations and stations are in Process Simulation 360 from my ACAD layout export. 


Next: Process Simulation 360 integrated in Factory Design Suite 2013.





Status: Accepted

Link to Revit and back

Status: Future Consideration
by Collaborator j.vanderheijden on ‎11-20-2012 01:09 PM

Place your assy one to one in Revit maintaining your parameters and back.

This with the forward look on BIM


it would be useful to be able to connect the simulation block (source, processor...) to existing connection. This is important in the case I have multiple conveyors and I need to send the item to the conveyor that already conveys other items. If the conveyor is full (maximum capacity has been reached), the item has to wait until it can proceed to the main conveyor (main connection).


Best ragards,

Martin Madaj.

If the DWG overlay is huge, the view manipulation of performance is pretty low.

Is it neccessary to always show the dwg overlay in Inventor factory since the 3D assets have been populated?

So do you agree if we have new option to hide the DWG overlay after the 3D assets are shown in Inventor?

If the DWG overlay is hidden,the view manipulation of performance will be improved dramatically. Of course, sync AutoCAD from Inventor will not be affected.

Please vote the idea.




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The inventor Hot Keys will help.

The Customize  Keyboard is not completely configured when inventor is initially installed.

Please see attachmnet


Bob White





Up to date Factory asset

Status: Implemented
by Contributor norbertjotterand on ‎03-10-2015 02:20 AM


The idea is to have a warning when you open a factory layout that give you an information if your assets is up to date and the possibility to update individually each asset to the latest version if needed




Status: Implemented

walk through - literally

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Logos_Atum on ‎03-03-2015 02:23 AM

Just an idea that could be ralized with the new technology available....



Wouldn´t it be neat to be able to walk through a facility that has not been built yet supported by a 3D wearable using the actual GPS data?

You could walk across the green field, have a look at the installations in the empty building etc... .


I´d think of this as a ver good way to spark discussions if the actual design team, as the customer could watch the virtual facility right where it would be,

adding markup through gps to the actual building layout. Other devices would enable more detailed tracking or markup.


No need to squeeze around a table anymore....




Kind regards






Two of best customers (Many seats) have Problems whith assets whith many Parameters

In Ilogic Formular we can change the order of Properties/Parameters and create Kategories.


In Factory we can only create Kategories for Propertys not for FX_Parameters and the Order ist Alphabetical.


Please Change the optics from Factory Property window and create an Editor like in Inventor Ilogic Formular 


Customized 2D Views in Inventor Drawing

Status: Under Review
by Advocate mk92 on ‎03-08-2016 04:15 AM

It would be nice if we could use customized 2D Views in Inventor drawings so we dont need to place every midlane by hand or make sketches in the Inventor drawing if a conveyor is rising or falling.

Status: Under Review



I am working on document factory layouts in the Inventor drawing environment, but have hit a snag.  The drawing environment is great for creating my plan, iso and side views, but I don't seem to be able to bring the Asset Tags (haven't tried Descriptors yet) into the drawing environment.  Can we add this functionality into the drawing environment to save time having to relabel the components?  This could either be placed near the asset, like in the AutoCAD sync'd file, a property in a text box pull down or even something that could be placed into a parts list.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Hope all is well and have a most blessed day!




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Process Analysis 360: Modeling Fluids

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer msparks on ‎03-15-2017 03:33 PM

We’re using Process Analysis 360 software to model a fluid process.  The software does not appear to support fluid batch processes natively.  The reason is because the connecting lines between process equipment have a storage capacity, like a conveyor line would in moving a hard good from one machine to the next.  In fluid processing, this isn’t possible – the batch must be transferred from one machine to the next before the first can start again.


Trying to model this behavior by setting Capacity of connection to 1 doesn't model it correctly.  It doesn't quite work.


The reason is because the line connector still has a capacity of “1” unit minimum.  What happens is that if a downstream piece of equipment is busy, an upstream unit will still transfer in the connector and “wait” in that connector, while the upstream equipment starts another unit.  This is not possible in fluid process as the batch unit cannot sit in a pipe line (the connector here would represent a pipe line and not a conveyor as it is intended with hard good manufacturing).


With this problem, the upstream equipment process begins its next batch while the downstream is still busy with the previous batch, and the “orphan” batch just sits on the connector in limbo.  What needs to happen instead is that line connector cannot have any holding value – capacity of “0”.  Further, the processes connected by the connector need to integrate – the upstream process cannot transfer its unit until the downstream process is ready to receive it.  Because of this limitation we have to build out these production models in Excel manually.

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