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It would be great if I could define daily working time for each processor such that some workstations work 2 shifts a day and some work 3 shifts a day etc. There is an option where I can define MTBF and MTTR but that doesn't help when I'm trying to simulate both periodical maintanance and daily and weekly off times at the same time.



Better replace with asset

Status: Implemented
by Advocate mk92 on ‎02-10-2016 06:05 AM

The replace with asset function in the Feature Pack is nice but it doesnt improve the workflow pretty much if the connectors doesnt reconnect. It would be nice if Connectors reconnect using their names. When you replace an asset it is mostly with anything similar and the connector points use the same names.

Status: Implemented

There are many customers who do not use the Fds with Autocad. They do not use the Synchronisation between Autocad and Inventor. They only use Inventor for placing Assets to create their Layout and they use the Inventor Drawing for detailing the Factory Layout because it is easy to create side views and intersection views. Therefore it is not possible to use the asset labelling in the Inventor drawing. It would be a nice feature for them, if the object labelling of the assets, which can be done on the Autocad Layout, could be shown in the Inventor drawing.




Frank Schmelzer

When I publish an Asset, please have the 2D asset set to not allow Explode in AutoCAD.


REASON: This will minimize the chances of a 2D only user exploding the block assets.

Move company policies prevent users from storing important files such as the Factory Design Suite Asset libraries on local un-backed up drives.  More importantly this does not allow the sharing of these libraries amongst other users.  There needs to be a means to install the asset libraries to a shared network drive or even better the Inventor content center or Vault.


It is imperative that this need to be done in the near future.




John Weiss

CAD Administrator

Follett Corporation

Status: Accepted


I know we can add connection from 1 source to 2 processor that mean we have parallel process. But it's great if we can have 2 option: single proc and parallel proc.



Factory Layers

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast wezpb on ‎05-11-2016 07:02 AM

It would be a great idea to have the option to use the layers, as set within the factory layout, on the drawings views.

e.g. a conveyor line has a layer set as "line 1" within the factory layout, when a view is created have a "tick box" option so that this conveyor line inherits the same layer when views are created. instead of the "visible" default layers.

If one uses Factory Assets and Connectors to configure a new piece of equipment on a Factory Layout, it would be handy to publish this new equipment configuration as its own Factory Asset, from the Factory Layout environment.  This is similar to the idea of "Creating Assets using Assets".  Hope all is well and have a blessed day!




Hi together,


I have a whish for the Configurator 360.

At the moment it is only possible, to use assemblies or singel ipt parts in the configurator, but no complet configured FDS drawing.


It will be very nice, when it will be possible, that we can offer our customers these drawings over that way.

So they can configure the a complete factory over that.



We want to be able to rename the assests as they are placed into our Factory layout.  We have strict file naming procedures and we enforce unique file names in Autodesk Vault Professional.  We not big fans of the FDS generated names!  If you make it an option to rename, this will help a lot of your customers.




John Weiss

CAD Administrator

Follett Corporation



Would it be possible to add functionality to automate the creation of asset tags.  For example if I have a sequence of items, like a conveyor line, I would like to add asset tags to each one and apply serial numbers.  However, it is quite cumbersome to have to add asset tags to each one.  It would be great if I could select on an item, say a component "Base:1" and then apply asset tags to each member of the family (Base:2, Base:3, etc.). 


My initial thoughts would be to create a special workpoint / connector, to attach the asset tag, on each published asset.  Then the command could be launched and a prefix could be assigned (maybe have the project number first, then the serial number) and Inventor would then go through each occurrence of the part and apply the next asset tag to it.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Hope all is well and have a most blessed night!




Up to date Factory asset

Status: Implemented
by Contributor norbertjotterand on ‎03-10-2015 02:20 AM


The idea is to have a warning when you open a factory layout that give you an information if your assets is up to date and the possibility to update individually each asset to the latest version if needed




Status: Implemented

A customer at the 2011 Munich Summit suggested that depending on the industry, the floor will not be straight. Often customers have to plan in multi floor buildings. Today FDS has only one floor per assembly.

When we create a sublayout from an existing factory layout, we can choose the name of the sublayout but not it's location on the workspace. It would be great to add this ability in order to position the manufacturing lines were we want.

For example I have one building with 3 lines that I want to have in separate layouts to ease the implantation process. My ideal folder structure would be :



| - Customer01

| | - general_layout.iam

| | | - line01

| | | | - line01.iam

| | | - line02

| | | | - line02.iam

| - Customer02

| | - C2_general_layout.iam



With the actual settings, if I use the sublayout button directly in Inventor, all the sublayout (my lines in this example) will be in the workspace folder.


When publishing FDS Assets, the dwg blocks created are set to allow explode in AutoCAD. Why not set them to NO so that the bi-directional work flow is not broken so easily by poor Acad practice. An experienced user can reset this function if needed in the block editor.

Status: Accepted

Navisworks point cloud color options

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast mlabell on ‎03-15-2016 09:27 AM

Navisworks does not allow the user to change the color settings of point clouds that are appended to the model.  In many situations intensity mapping shows a better color gradiation of pipes, conduits and equipment than black and white or captured colors.  This is  feature that is available in all of the hero apps except Navisworks.  This will help simplify viewing of point clouds in Navisworks rather than constanatly rotating to interpret small bore piping and conduits.

Can you add the request for FDS to include an “Insert Hyperlink” option for  extended assets in FDS?

Match Properties in FDS for Assets

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate mk92 on ‎03-08-2016 04:00 AM

I really miss something like the "Match Properties" function from AutoCAD. Imagine having two assets in your layout with a lot of key parameters and you want that they are both equal. If its single standing you can copy paste the one you need and delete the old one. But in a chain of assets like conveyors or a big machine it can be very stressful to change all the parameters by hand or replace the old one with a copy of the one you need.


I have two ideas that could be very useful for Process Analysis 360.


1. Recently added OPERATOR feature should have an option wheter to just START the operation on the processor and then IMMEDIATELY go to another processor to START another operation or whether to WAIT at the processor until the operation FINISHES and AFTER that go to another processor to perform another operation. Currently the operator ALWAYS waits at the processor until the operation finishes but in many cases it is wasting of the time.


2. I should be able to tell the operator WHICH PROCESSOR TO CHOOSE FIRST. Currently if you have THE SAME SETTINGS for both (or all) processors (including operator travel time), it chooses the first processor randomly.


Best regards,

Martin Madaj.



HVAC in Architectural Software

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer goghulnath on ‎02-05-2016 09:56 PM

Dear People,

I’m a HVAC Engineer (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning), experience nearing 5 years. Specially experienced in Cleanrooms & Industrial HVAC where consideration of minute things in HVAC are also prioritized. I have knowledge as well as capability to understand the depth of HVAC. I have seen people using your architectural software (especially RIVIT) only for modeling the plan & design. I couldn’t get an opportunity to deal with that application. But in case if the concept of heat load estimation, air flow calculation, friction loss, static pressure loss, level of filtration, Indoor Air Quality, in-filtration & ex-filtration, air balancing, details of enthalpy liberated by the equipment, thermal conductivity and other HVAC related detailing are include, I feel it will be an advance product which can simply the work of an Engineer, calculation will be precise and reduce the wastage (money & energy). This will lead a simplified automation, bms & much more.

I’m very much interested in such research & development. It would be a pleasure if I get opportunity to work on it.

Please consider my opinion & Kindly acknowledge.

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