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Put tolerances in assembly so you can check to make sure your assembly is within tolerance.



Please consider including AutoCAD Electrical in the suite to support wiring the equipment. ACE is already included in PrDS, FDS users could benefit also.


Also please consider adding AutoCAD MEP to add support for wiring and plumbing the building to run these utilities to the machine equipment.


If machinery moves it would be great if the building wiring/plumbing model could update.


This could provide an even more complete BOM of equipment and MEP requirements for a design layout.


Please don't raise the cost of FDS Ultimate.


If ACE or ACMEP cannot be included, please make them available as an add-on module for a reasonable cost (less than $500).


Thanks for your time and attention.






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Made model dimensions and general dimensions in a drawing different colors so you can see which ones you can right click on and modify.

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I would like to know if there could be a link between iparts/iassembly and dynamic block.

It would be a great addition if it were possible to pan with a mouse scroll button like in Autocad, Inventor, Navisworks, etc ... Because it is a bit annoying to have to be selecting the pan command every time you need to move the camera and it is also simpler for new users who already use some CAD software.

Auto-ballooning not cross parts.

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast michaelhahn on ‎09-04-2014 12:47 PM

When you place balloons in a drawing using auto-ballooning the balloons are random and cross over the parts and have to be moved to a more desirable place.

My idea is as followed.


In my layout I am starting with the material cement in tonnes per hour and ends with cement in bags per hour (25kg/40kg or 50kg).

In this process, my cement will transfered through a bucket elevator and a screen into a storage silo over the packing machine.

The packing machine is a roto packer which filles the cement in one turn around into a bag.

After that, the bag fell on a discharge line and will be transported to a truck loader or a palletizer.


So I think, it might be very helpfull if we could build also processes like this, where processes starts in materials and ends in the product.

Please please please please fix the Plugin so it doesn't overwrite my keyboard customizations all the time. 


The default setup is ridiculous. I want to draw a Circle in a sketch. In plain Inventor I press C and I'm ready to go. In FDS Inventor I have to Press C + Enter... 


It's the same with T for text and C for constrain and on and on and on... oh and F for fillet. Why are Facebook and Twitter even options in there? 


I understand why you may want to set them initially, but in no way should a plugin EVER override the settings a user has implemented with in the UI.


This has driven me nuts for 3 years now... my only regret is it's taken this long to post it on the Ideastation.... I have however brought it up for the last 3 years during the beta and this sillyness is still in the product... I mean come on, Facebook and Twitter shortcuts from within a Sketch? I would have loved to have been in the room when that idea was suggested. Bonkers. 


My sarcasm is justified when you consider how much of a pain this is on a daily basis. Please fix this ASAP.

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Please make the BOM and Parts List the same in the assembly and the drawing.

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