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Add Marking Menu when placing Assets

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate idubail on ‎01-25-2017 02:15 AM

When I place Assets in Inventor, I have to do a RMB, then Clic "Done", or hit "Enter" key.

Please add a marking menu to do it quickly !


Factory Marking Menu.png

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Asset View Representation Persistence

Status: Implemented
by Participant m.slosson on ‎08-17-2016 08:06 AM

Right now we can choose a View Representation to use for 2D asset creation upon 3d asset publish, but if a parameter changes once you place the asset in a layout, the 2d asset view that gets generated during AutoCAD Sync uses whatever view representation is currently active in the asset, regardless of whether a specific View Rep was specified when the asset was published. The 2d publish options for View Rep need to be persistent without regard to what the key parameter values are.

Status: Implemented
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Connector capability

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator Logos_Atum on ‎02-15-2013 12:17 AM

Hello there,


working with assets i encountered a problem.

When doin an array of Assets i noticed the fact

connectors do connect but fail to update when

the origiinating object of the array change.


I can bypass this by trying to move the object,

for it can´t be moved because it´s fixed but to

simply try to move it is enough to get Inventor

to update the asset to the object it´s connected



With very simple objects this is not necessary,

but with the objects i created this tends to happen.



Can this be fixed with an update? Seems like a

minor change to me.


Kind regards




Problem: Asset Chain Graphics is only a polyline when first created and requries a round trip for update. The polyline graphics are not effective or desirebale by the user and therefore may not be used.



Idea: Have a update graphics button (right click on Asset?) that would roundtrip the polyline to generate the planview graphics.

Two of best customers (Many seats) have Problems whith assets whith many Parameters

In Ilogic Formular we can change the order of Properties/Parameters and create Kategories.


In Factory we can only create Kategories for Propertys not for FX_Parameters and the Order ist Alphabetical.


Please Change the optics from Factory Property window and create an Editor like in Inventor Ilogic Formular 




I would like the ability to label a parameter as key, but hide it from the view of the users.  That way it could be passed along via Connectors, but not accidentally edited by users.  For example, there may be some parameters that I set in the starter asset that gets passed along to each of the following assets.  These could either be explicit choices or values that are driven by a formula.  Regardless, I want that value to be passed along and consistent.


Unfortunately for a connector class file to be applied, it requires that passable parameters are set as Key, which will then display them in the Factory Properties dialog box in the layout.  This is what I would like to be avoided for some of the asset parameters, because the users may end up changing them...


Hopefully, this is clear, but if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Hope all is well and have a most blessed day!

Status: Under Review

Up to date Factory asset

Status: Implemented
by Contributor norbertjotterand on ‎03-10-2015 02:20 AM


The idea is to have a warning when you open a factory layout that give you an information if your assets is up to date and the possibility to update individually each asset to the latest version if needed




Status: Implemented



I am working on document factory layouts in the Inventor drawing environment, but have hit a snag.  The drawing environment is great for creating my plan, iso and side views, but I don't seem to be able to bring the Asset Tags (haven't tried Descriptors yet) into the drawing environment.  Can we add this functionality into the drawing environment to save time having to relabel the components?  This could either be placed near the asset, like in the AutoCAD sync'd file, a property in a text box pull down or even something that could be placed into a parts list.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Hope all is well and have a most blessed day!




Create Assets using Assets

Status: Accepted
by Collaborator Light_Guy on ‎10-19-2012 07:47 AM

We have discovered that while trying to make an asset, there is no way to use an existing asset in the creation of another. Assets should be accessible when creating assemblies not just when creating a factory layout. Many times we need to have assemblies that contain standard assets but we still need to be able to change those assets once they have been inserted. Right now you get an error that says that part contains a factory layout and cannot be used to make an asset. (see attached) This is because the only way to see the asset was to create a layout to insert it into.

Status: Accepted
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IF I am not snapping to a DWG or to a grid - I ALWAYS want to move my asset immediately after placement.  I have to go and select reposition.  Why not just have the reposition triad be the placement triad?

Status: Implemented



I'd like to use iLogic to access parameters of factory assets inserted into a factory layout.


Example: A few days ago I tried to access parameters of inserted factory assets using iLogic and it could not be done. I wanted to create a simple iLogic form that would show how many wall panels remains to be inserted into the wall frame (wall frame was also a factory asset and was driven by its length, width and height). Values should be taken from parameters of inserted assets. Currently it is possible to see and change factory asset parameters only in its own parameter window.


Best regards,

Martin Madaj.

Component Replace

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate ADNpati on ‎02-02-2014 06:21 PM

If an asset is placed on a factory floor, and is replace by other asset using component replace, nameoof the event in broeser window is got getting updated.


In browswrer window, component name is not getting replace in the new component occurence name and number.


Worth if this is fixed.

When you do a search or browse for assets, it would be nice to be able to download all the assets in a search or all the assets in a particular catagory.  Perhaps a Download All option.  Thanks.

To save time with complex assets it would be nice if we had the option to create the assets variants directly while uploading the asset to the library.


Also it would be good if the asset placement begins after you choose the variant from the list directly.

Asset Parameter real names + groups

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate mk92 on ‎07-26-2016 11:16 PM

In our assets we use our model variables they are a short form of the real names of our Parameters. We need them for the BOM we export directly from the FDS. So we aren't able to use the full name of our Parameters in the assets.


For our sales team or teams who don't use these variables every day its kind of hard to find the right parameters.


So it would be pretty helpful to use the Comment Function in the Parameter Window to add the real name.


In the FDS they could be visible like in Auto CAD. When you hover over the Parameter Name with the mouse cursor a small popup shows which contains:


Short Name

Long Name or Maybe a short description


Small thing but very useful!


In addition to this it would be nice to have the ability to deliver well sorted Parameter Lists to our users.


With this two Ideas from the Inventor Ideastation:





And new functions:





Kind regards


Hi together,


I have a whish for the Configurator 360.

At the moment it is only possible, to use assemblies or singel ipt parts in the configurator, but no complet configured FDS drawing.


It will be very nice, when it will be possible, that we can offer our customers these drawings over that way.

So they can configure the a complete factory over that.



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Assets Categories

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast ederson.balbinot on ‎02-23-2017 03:11 AM

Hello everyone.


I would like to create a category like "Cut Assets" with the same functionality that exists when we want to put a new connection in the tube and pipes environment, when we want to place that connection in an existing tube.


I need this to work with walls mainly, so two categories "Cut Assets" and "Walls" could be created that could work together as in the case of pipes.


These assets would cut off the base asset and could be positioned with restrictions normally.


Pit assets are a good example, however, so we put assets vertically not just on floor components.



User Parameters as Export Parameter

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate TAR_Loki on ‎02-15-2017 02:29 AM

Hello again, ;)


It would be nice, to get the User Parameters also as Export Parameters, to use them in a part list.


Often we have information in that parameters, that we need also in a part list.


Kind regards,


Asset Audit before Publishing

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate JHUNT107 on ‎10-14-2016 01:58 PM

Maintaining lightweight assets in your library is key to FDU performance. I would like FDS to run an audit on the asset before publishing.


  • Reflective Appearances on whole model or faces.
  • File Size
  • Number of Faces
  • Work planes, axes, points visibility OFF.
  • Blank Asset Properties

The checks could be configured based on the company needs. I'm sure other checks would be useful.

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2D Asset Text - Text Position

Status: Gathering Support
by Employee on ‎08-22-2016 05:45 AM


This options are to easy to get the right position. In many cases the text needs to be specific to a location. Otherwise it will overlap with other geometry.


See this picture below: The block on the right is ok. 

The asset (created by 2D asset creation) on the left, looks not great in the way the text is positioned. 




The options for the text orientation with "below" or "center" is ok for an automatic process, but not for an final position.

Think about, this text will be printed and therefore it needs a good position.

When I edit the block and move the text position - than it needs to stay where I defined.

So my question is, can we add a option who say "Use Defined Text Position"  with an check box?


Many thanks and regards



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