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I just read about the chain builder in the Factory Warehouse. It would be pretty nice if we could use this tool directly in the FDS.


Things we need :

- Draw the polyline also in Inventor (we don't want to leave Inventor :D)

- Make an Chain Asset out of our own assets and define the length and so on with our own parameters (also our own native language) 

- Define which asset is the straight, turn, Y-Piece, and maybe 30°/45° lines from a straight line

- Define the connectors which should be used


Kind regards



The Factory Asset Warehouse is a great tool to locate assets for AutoCAD and Inventor.


I feel an area has been overlooked – assets for 3ds Max Design.


Videos promote how useful 3ds Max Design is to animate the factory layout, but it is a tedious process to build bones and linkages to animate robots and similar equipment.


Wouldn't’t it be great if a user could browse the warehouse to find a fully rigged robot, fork truck, crane, or other factory asset and just drop it into 3ds Max Design? This could save a lot of time for users new to 3ds Max Design.


I welcome your feedback.






Default layer attribute for factory assets

Status: Implemented
by Employee on ‎11-02-2012 08:34 AM

Factory assets should have an attribute that allows the asset creator to specify what the default layer the asset should be assigned to when it is placed in a drawing. The benefit of this feature is time savings and repeatabiliyt of workflow.


This requirement was gathered at the customer roundtable in Milan, Oct 2012.

Status: Implemented
Layers supported in Inventor environment. The user can now set a layer, and any object placed will be on that layer. Users can also move objects to other layers.

Allow us to include the green connector in iParts. this way we can use already created iPart factories / children for assets. We have occasion to use Factory design utilities with iParts factories which contain 100's of variations. I do not want to publish them as individual assets one at a time!

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Asset adjustment

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast ederson.balbinot on ‎02-17-2017 09:30 AM

Currently when we want the asset to adapt to a size we can click the measurement tool (red frame) and the size will be placed in the asset.


However, this does not establish any further restriction. My suggestion is to use this concept of the measurement tool but the measurement would be performed between points A and B or A and C and the asset would be connected with the connectors shown.

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