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How do I Change Educational Institutions?

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How do I Change Educational Institutions?


Please reach out to Education Support who can reset the eligibility process for you.



Good morning, I recently signed up for a revit training and the course in question provides access to Autodesk programs for a period of 1 year. When filling in information about the current institution, the respective fields appear filled with information about the university where I completed my course. I would ask that, if possible, they reset my account so that I can correctly fill in the requested information and so that I can access the programs to complete the course. Thank you for your attentionimage.png

hi @User910_ 
If you follow the instructions on the article above and reach out to Education support they will be able to do this for you. 
Out of interest, which training are you completing that offers you a year's license? 

Hello, I possibly posted my topic in the wrong place. (Delete if necessary. I already posted the topic on the forum). the training institution is "Cursos Construir"

Can you please check with this company. As this is not an acredited educational institution, you are not eligible for an education license to Autodesk software. Can you share how/where they state that you can get access to Autodesk software through an educational license? Thanks!