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What is the difference between "airwire" and "unconnected wires" error in board DRC?

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What is the difference between "airwire" and "unconnected wires" error in board DRC?

I have a design with 540 "unconnected wires" errors and zero "airwire" errors. The unconnected wires highlights all jump to a small square on the edge of the board that doesn't have any wires routed anywhere near it. There is literally nothing on any etch layer to click at the point where the error is highlighted.

Can someone please explain the difference and how to clear the error? Maybe an explanation for what rule defines the error would be helpful as well.

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Hello @Greg.Decker,


I hope you're doing well. So airwires are unrouted point to point connections. I've never run into the "unconnected wires" error.

Let's try a few things to rule some issues out. First, turn on all of your layers. Do you see anything in the are where those unconnected wire errors are?


Next thing to try. Form a selection that includes that lower corner. Copy it and paste it into a new design. Do the 540 connected wires errors come over? If they don't that implies an imperfection in the file. You can copy your entire design into a new set of files and that might clear the errors you are seeing. If this works, please export the origin design files and send them to me. Our developers would like to analyze them to see if we can avoid it in the future.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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The design is sensitive, so I cannot export and share it.


I will try copying to a new design file at the first opportunity and report back.

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