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Welcome to the Autodesk EAGLE Forum

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01-19-2017 03:27 PM

Hello Everyone,


First things first welcome to the new Autodesk EAGLE forums! It has been a wild journey since Cadsoft joined the Autodesk family back in June 2016, and we’re excited to finally settle into our new home. To kick things off, we wanted to put together a thread of basic information for everyone getting started with Autodesk EAGLE.


New Release

We released version 8.0 of EAGLE this month (January 2016), which contains some great new features for schematic editing, PCB layout, and design reuse:



  • New routing engine. We completely overhauled the routing engine with some needed efficiencies like automated loop removal, cornering, and quick via placement.
  • BGA fanout. We’ve greatly reduced the process of fanning out BGAs with a new algorithm that fans out BGA nets. Includes support for layer pairs and via-in-pad.


  • Modular design blocks. And lastly, we’ve made it easy to reuse blocks of circuitry in future projects without having to recreate them from scratch with synchronized changes.

There’s a lot more in this release. Be sure to check out the official Autodesk EAGLE release notes for all the details.


Where to Get Support

There’s a ton of options for getting your questions answered. You can start here on the forums to connect with one of the Autodesk EAGLE Support Specialists. There is also:


Where to Find Stuff

If you’re an existing EAGLE user then you might be searching for documentation, ULPs, etc.. that were all on the old cadsoft.io website. Here’s where they can be found on the new Autodesk EAGLE website:


New EAGLE Licensing

As many of you have seen by now, we’ve rolled out a new licensing model for Autodesk EAGLE with a simple monthly or annual subscription. There are several points we’d like to clarify about this new subscription model:


  • There still is, and will always be a FREE version of EAGLE with some minor restrictions to schematic sheets, board dimensions and signal layers. Download the free version of Autodesk EAGLE here.
  • You are more than welcome to work offline when using an Autodesk EAGLE Subscription. All you need to do is check in online once every 14 days to keep your license active after signing in for the first time.

The Future of EAGLE

This is an incredibly exciting time for the future of EAGLE, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all the new features we plan to add in the future. Here is what we are working on now:


  • True mechanical integration. We’re working to make it easier than ever to get your designs over into a mechanical tool without any extra STEPs.
  • Brand new UI & UX. We’re also working on making EAGLE even easier to use with an improved user experience and polished interface that focuses on usability.
  • One-click manufacturing. We’re also in the process of teaming up with your favorite manufacturers so you can get your completed design made in a single click.

We Want Your Feedback

We’re always looking for feedback on the changes that we’re making to Autodesk EAGLE. Please feel free to start a discussion on the forums here to get a conversation going. We’re reading all of it, and want to make Autodesk EAGLE the best PCB design tool of choice for every engineer.


Thank you for reading,

Sam Sattel

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