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Blind Via Ratio

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03-03-2017 12:51 PM

What does the error message "blind via radio" in the design rules file mean?


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Re: Blind Via Ratio

03-03-2017 03:35 PM in reply to: bcarterW8DV4

Hi bcarterW8DV4,

Thanks for your participation on the forum.  In the DRC screen, go to the tab called Sizes.  Here is where you setup the Blind Via Ratio which also knows as the allowed aspect ratio, usually this is value that can be supplied by your boardhouse.  The blind via ratio is a value that takes into consideration the thickness of your layer versus the width of you via drill hole. 


Screen Shot 03-03-17 at 06.17 PM.PNG

The violation can occur because the value entered does not match the Ratio that was used in DRC.  This is a value that can be accepted in your DRC error list since it doesn't really take it into consideration when creating your Gerber files.  But for future post processing implementation, try to use valid values.


If you need a bit more reference, take a look at page 146-147 of the reference manual.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,




Edwin Robledo
Technical Support Specialist EAGLE
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Re: Blind Via Ratio

03-17-2017 09:06 AM in reply to: edwin.robledo

I finally just played with the blind via ratio until I found a number that worked - 10.  We are designing hybrid circuits, not PCB's, so I do a lot of things that wouldn't work on a PC board.  Things like 1 mil annular rings, ridiculously small holes, etc.  Evidently they can manufacture ceramic layers with much greater precision than PC board house can do PC boards.  I have my own design rules file with values appropriate for hybrid circuits now.

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