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Attribute in Annotative Block Not Scaling Within Xref

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Attribute in Annotative Block Not Scaling Within Xref

I have an annotative block for room labeling containing 2 attributes, 1 for the room name and 1 for the room number.

I have a callout on my floor plan (A200) referencing an enlarged kitchen plan on another sheet (A600, a separate DWG file), with the floor plan (A200) xref'd and xclipped on the separate DWG file (A600).


When adding a second annotation scale for the kitchen room label block (on A200) for the enlarged kitchen plan (xref of A200 on A600), the attribute for the room number scales correctly and displays properly on A600, but the attribute for the room name doesn't scale on A600. 


Everything scales and displays correctly when viewing the block on A200, regardless of the drawing scale, but the room name text refuses to display at the smaller scale when viewing the block through the xref on A600.


I apologize if I'm not explaining the issue clearly or if this has been asked before, but I've been unable to find a solution on my own. Hopefully the attached pictures and DWG will do a better job of describing my problem. 

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If I change the anno scale in the A600 file and then change it back to 1:25, the room name attribute scales as it should.  I have the 'add scales to annotative objects when scale changes' option checked.      

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in reply to: jroslerH7NPK

Weird... I got it to work after changing the scale several times with the "add scales to annotative objects..." option selected. For some reason it didn't work the first time, here's a video demonstrating my process: 


Not sure what happened, but the problem seems to be resolved. Thanks Libbya, you're a legend.

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