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07-15-2015 04:57 PM

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So you found a bug, but you’re not sure how to submit it? What should you include? And ultimately, who ends up looking at them? Or maybe you’re stuck on something and need a helping hand?  Here are the answers to these questions.


First, start here:


Troubleshoot FAQ
Here are answers to some commonly asked questions and issues you may find helpful. If these didn't answer your questions, check out the following paths: 

1. Post on the forum for help

The forum is the place to ask the community about how to doing something in Fusion 360, things you’re unsure of, or areas where you’re stuck on and need assistance. Many of our developers, support specialists and product managers are on the forum every day, so not only will you benefit from getting expert answers from us as well as the community, everyone benefits from the wealth of knowledge.


2. Email us for bugs and support

When you have issues such as crashes, performance problems, software bugs, or issues with your data or anything else that you need to get resolved ASAP, E-mail and a support specialist from the Fusion 360 team will respond and work with you 1 on 1 to get you back up and running again. Many times, product managers, QA gurus as well as seasoned developers will get involved to make sure your issues are being resolved.


3. Submit ideas and improvement requests to the Ideastation

Since we rolled out our new process of reviewing IdeaStation submissions a couple months ago, the product management team has been very active in the IdeaStation, making sure that we can effectively capture valuable ideas and communicate them to the rest of the development team. The IdeaStation is not a place for bug reports or how-to questions. If we see them appear, when appropriate, we will move them to the correct forum topic so that they get the right attention they deserve. The IdeaStation is growing rapidly, and in order for the process to scale and stay effective we will be rolling out a few more changes soon - stay tuned.


I hope this post gave your more clarity on where to get better help and support. Thank you for being awesome.




The Fusion 360 team

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