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Problem: Empty Project Dropdown in Connectors!

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Problem: Empty Project Dropdown in Connectors!

As new customers get started with Data Exchanges - we see a common "help request" come in - an empty Project dropdown in the Connector. The cause for this sad, empty list is a missing pre-req step that needs to happen first!


An Autodesk Docs Account Admin needs to activate the Data Exchange plug-ins! 


There is a step by step guide for this in the Rhino Help Documentation - under the Activate the Rhino Connector App section... I'll repost the steps here to save you a click!


To enable the Rhino Connector, an account administrator needs to install and activate the Data Exchange - Rhino Connector app from the App gallery in the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform.

  1. If you are an Account Administrator, click Account Admin from the product picker.

  2. Click the Apps tool.

  3. Select the Data Exchange - Rhino Connector app.

  4. Click Install to enable Data Exchange - Rhino Connector.

  5. Click Authorize and Install to complete the installation. The Data Exchange - Rhino Connector app will now display as activated.

Another troubleshooting tip for an empty project list COULD be that you are a member of BIM360 projects - not Autodesk Docs projects. At the time of this writing, Data Exchanges are only supported in Autodesk Docs!


Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 5.27.54 PM.png

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