The Revit Perspective - How Project Information Modeling Revolutionizes Design

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In a single generation, the very nature of design tools has evolved far beyond what we expected. In order to understand how to best move forward, this session examines the key events in the Autodesk world that have triggered these changes and how they continue to affect the way designers work. The session begins by reviewing milestones of products such as Softdesk and AutoCAD, and the original object-oriented programming tools.


We also review the acquisition of Revit and review observations about the impact of this change. A discussion about current work environments and design authoring tools for a variety of project types follows, and wraps up with ideas about how concepts like project information modeling help us remove silos across disciplines. The session will include industry experts and their perspectives. Join us as we review our past journey and learn how to take advantage of the current design culture and the opportunities for improvement.


Presented by Expert Elite member David Butts with a panel of customer and Autodesk leaders; Ian Molloy, Martin Schmid, Matt Dillon, Richard Binning, Eric Wing, and Tim Yarris.  




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  • Wednesday, July 14, 2021
  • 09:00 AM PDT
  • English (US)
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First I apologize if I’m not in the right forum.

Hi. I am a teacher and I just downloaded the drone projects to build with my student but i Can find anywhere in the project plans a list of materials I need. 



Hello @Anonymous,


thanks a lot for you post. As you said you are not asking in a forum but more in the comment section of one of our events. Let me try to help you getting your question to the destination where it fits best to. 

To do so can you tell me which product you are referring to where the drone model is running in?

Also maybe if it is something specific to download and to look for once having the project loaded a reference link to the download of the drone project? Might be also very helpful. 


Once I know that I will make sure your comment becomes a very own forum topic where it is located best. 🙂 

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Tarek Khodr
Community Manager


Autodesk still has some issues with software that wasn't developed in-house not playing well with other software in the AEC Collection. For example, Revit has very poor site modeling tools. InfraWorks is (or should be) the preferred contextual site modeling package, but I cannot link an InfraWorks model into Revit without going through NavisWorks or some other conversion. I also cannot publish a LandXML file from Civil3D to get it into Revit without BIM 360.


FormIt could also be a better way to model families for Revit as it is a more fluid modeling environment, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to do this. And once the FormIt model gains a certain level of detail, it loses the ability to be converted into Revit walls, floors, roofs, etc.


Lastly, Autodesk is emphasizing cloud services, but these require an additional subscription. I think there would be wider adoption if the cloud services (BIM 360) were included in the AEC Collection.


Looking forward to this discussion.

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Hello, does anyone know the passcode for the zoom meeting today  July 14 9-10am?