Revit Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting with Paul Aubin

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With a program like Revit, we are always on the lookout for a new tip or technique to make our daily workflow go a little more smoothly. In this session we’ll build a dormer, create a layered viewport presentation, explore family cutting behavior, address file maintenance and maybe even sprinkle in a little Dynamo. Join us for this session where you’ll gain some tips that you can use right away the next time you are in Revit.  





This session was be presented by expert Paul Aubin and hosted by Autodesk Revit Community Manager Kimberly Fuhrman, as part of Community Conversations - live, virtual events designed to allow you to gain expertise, connect with leaders and grow your community network. 


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  • Wednesday, May 12, 2021
  • 10:00 AM PDT
  • English (US)
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This is a list of topics to be covered in this session. Topics are selected from the weekly series on LinkedIn Learning called: Revit: tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting.

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Each of the following topics has a link to the corresponding video on LinkedIn Learning. These links will unlock the video (allowing for free viewing) for a 24-hour period.


Model a Roof Dormer


Basic File Maintenance


Create a Layered Viewport Presentation


Use Dynamo to add Room Dimensions to Tags


Family Cut Behavior


Bonus – New in 2022

        More coming soon. New tips publish every Tuesday


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I can't seem to see some of these topics? Is the "free" setting to take place after your presentation today?
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