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Do you make really cool things and want to share them with others? Are you excited about empowering your peers and exponentially leveraging your time? Then come dive into the worlds of Sharing Dynamo content and Dynamo Player with Sol Amour, Jacob Small and our awesome guest speaker and Dynamo master Dana De Filippi!


You’ll learn how to bundle up your graph and share it with others, understanding what will ship with your graph naturally and what you’ll have to ensure your colleagues collect from elsewhere, conceptually explore the notion of what a Player is as well as how it functions, and learn strategies on how to best leverage Dynamo Player as a force maximiser and the avoid all the pitfalls that may beset you along the way.  


To see this full series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdlF7MirPEC2yNFTGymESd3t7Xosfk9c2



This session will be also be supported by an Autodesk Community host as part of Community Conversations - live, virtual events designed to allow you to gain expertise, connect with leaders and grow your community network. 


Use the comments area below to ask a question before the event begins or keep the conversation going after it ends.  The virtual event will be hosted on Zoom and will allow you to discuss the topic live with our host and presenters


A recording will be posted here if you aren't able to join us.


To learn more about Community Conversations, including how to become a presenter, click link here: Community Conversations Overview.



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  • Thursday, July 29, 2021
  • 10:00 AM PDT
  • English (US)
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I really liked the suggestion to use the Category.ByName node to avoid issues with a selected Category  from the Categories node changing between releases.  Is there an equivalent to this for the Select Parameter Type and Select BuiltIn Parameter Group nodes?  I have had those change on me in later Revit releases, presumably for the same reason - the node is only saving a index, and if the contents of the underlying list changes in a later release, the desired item may not be at that index.


I searched for, but could not find, a ParameterType.ByName or ParameterGroup.ByName node, but perhaps my search string was not what was needed to connect to the desired node(s).  Or maybe those nodes just do not exist.  I suppose I could write a Python node to do that, if I had time.  For now, I will live with the drop-down-list selection nodes, and try to remember to take screen captures to document the choices in case the list changes in a future release.

David Koch
AutoCAD Architecture and Revit User
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