Computational Geometry: Geometry Modifications in Dynamo with Sol Amour and Jacob Small

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Now that we understand all geometry types in Dynamo, let’s explore how we can modify them! Join Jacob Small and Sol Amour as we take a journey through Dynamo’s geometry modification nodes; learn how to best leverage these modifications, explore how you can derive interesting and new geometry from intersections, and touch upon some best practises to get your Dynamo geometry singing.



This session will be also be supported by the Community Team's own Shaan Hurley as part of Community Conversations - live, virtual events designed to allow you to gain expertise, connect with leaders and grow your community network. 


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  • Thursday, May 06, 2021
  • 01:00 PM PDT
  • English (US)
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Incredible time, thanks for sharing your knowledge guys!


I was not able to view this one live, but finally worked through the recording.  The recording is less clear than the live view - hard to see the node names and details, so I ended up following along with the presentation in Dynamo, creating my own graph.  That proved to be quite interesting, and more engaging for me as well.  It worked out well, once I took the coordinate systems from the flattened list.  Thanks for this series - it is forcing me to stretch my Dynamo skill set.

David Koch
AutoCAD Architecture and Revit User
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