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Inventor Systems consultant

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Inventor Systems consultant

I am looking for a specialist with Inventor that can help our team with creating a proper method of design and automation with Inventor. We are a custom HVAC equipment manufacturer and utilize Inventor mechanical, structural,  piping and refrigeration layout of the unit. Out team has a average understanding of the Inventor product and we are looking for ways to streamline our processes from part and assembly updates to the creation of drawings and bill of material lists for thew manufacturing environment. An ideal candidate would be one who understands the workings of Inventor and possible ways to use scripting, reports and advanced features to make our processes more efficient and reduce errors.


We were thinking that the person would possible come to our plant and review our current process and then provide training and possibly programming to increase our performance.

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I hope this note finds you well!  I manage the Autodesk Sevices Marketplace here at Autodesk.   My program connects our customers with consultants and experts for exactly the kinds of needs you expressed. 


Not sure which geography you need the help in, but I did a quick search on "Inventor;" "Will travel to client's location;" and several manufacturing services.  


Here are those search results of Inventor experts that have been approved by Autodesk and have profiles in this program.  Some are Autodesk platinum or gold partners, others are individual consultants, and others are qualified businesses.


I'd love to know if you find the help you need.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and good luck with your search!  And by the way, Autodesk doesn't manage or get involved in the actual engagement or transaction; this happens purely between the customer and the service provider.  My program just connects people with helpful companies.


Kindest regards,

Rachel Rosenkrantz

Senior Manager, Autodesk Services Marketplace





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Thank you. We are located in Redmond Oregon.
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Got it.  Here is a refined list. Looks like there are a few in Oregon & Washington.  It's important to note, these companies not only list where their offices are located, but also where they are willing to serve- which is often broader than their actual office locations.  So, even if they may not be in your exact area. most will travel for these types of engagements.


Please let me know how it goes!



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We can help you.

Please send me email to

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Cristiano Oliveira

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Hi Jeff,

        We can help you.

Please send email to



+91 8428337177

Design & Drawing Automation Consultant

Technosoft Engineering Projects Ltd.

Technosoft Engineering, Inc. 


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