We don’t need NO STINKING standards: Is there a forgotten standard?


I recently moved to MG2, which creates and maintains many client prototypes.   My new role means learning the MG2 standards and those of individual accounts.  Each account has its own standard. I am not just talking about line styles and types, fonts, etc.  It also means view naming, ACC file setup, and how things are modeled.


When you start to think about standards, what do you think about?  Only settings like line styles, fonts, view naming, etc.  Have you ever thought about line patterns?   I was involved in a lengthy discussion before coming to MG2 involving line patterns. It is not something I would recommend changing, but I have added some new ones in the past.  While you may never have to explore, change, or even add new ones.  Just in case, here are where they are located.


Once you click Additional Settings, you scroll down and select Line Patterns. You then get this dialogue box that allows you to create New, Edit, Delete and Rename. 


I would not recommend changing them unless you have a very valid reason to do so.  Personally, this standard would not be one that I would think of or even imagine dealing with. It is a forgotten standard and one that probably should stay that way.

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