Revit Hints and Hacks: Bringing Back Originals

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There is nothing that can frustrate you like finding out some things have been purged from your project or else edited so that they don’t work like before. Filters, Legends, Schedules, View Templates, Viewport, Text, Dimensions, Annotation and Component families can all be brought back if you started with a template and have loadable families stored in a library.

With any loadable families, just reload to update/replace what is in the project. This is the easiest of the fixes for things that are gone or have been edited from the original.

For template things like View Templates, Filters, Browser Organization, Dimension Styles, Text Types, as well as system families like wall, floor and roof types can all be brought over from another project. Just start a new project with your template, you don’t even have to save it. From the project with things messed up in it go to the Manage tab check out the Transfer project Standards. This will let you bring in the original setting for all the items listed in the dialog box. You only need bring in the ones you want to reload or reset.



Some other things can be brought back from another file. I keep a fresh file started from my template with the version number and name like “2022 To Steal From” on my cloud drive. You don’t have to have this file open to be able to harvest some things from it. On the Insert tab locate Insert from File and pull down for Insert Views from File.




Next, I go find my file to steal from.



This will let me find drafting views, schedules, reports, and some sheets that I can bring over to the current project. It is certainly better than recreating some schedules for sure. Grabbing drafting views is great. Maybe you have a project that houses all you window details and another your cabinet details. This will let you pick and choose which ones to bring over without having them all in every project. 



Sheets are limited to those that do not have plans or elevations on them. They can have legends, schedules, annotative items, and notes. Great if someone blows out your sheet with your company notes on it. But if a sheet had a view that was created by a section mark, callout, or elevation mark, or a plan made from a level line being created, you cannot bring it over.

Hope this takes away someone’s panic someday.


Donnia Tabor-Hanson aka CADMama

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