Plant 3D 2024 - What's new?


This post highlights the major updates in Plant 3D 2024. 


If you would like to learn more about all of the new features in Plant 3D 2024, please see the help section of Plant 3D 2024 online:


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  • Ortho Bill of Materials (BOM) - The Ortho Table Setup dialog box includes simplified options and more table capabilities for orthographic drawings. You can now add the Bill of Materials (BOM) for piping, equipment, steel, as well as nozzle and spool lists into ortho drawings.
  • Pipe Spec Viewer Enhancements - View all parts available for a specific size in the selected spec. Use the search box to look for specific components in the Pipe Spec Viewer.
  • Ortho Single-Line Piping EnhancementsNew interface for some piping criteria providing better control when you display piping in a single-line representation in orthographic drawings.


Plant 3D 2024.1 Updates

  • Mapping External PropertiesThe previous AutoCAD Plant 3D release supported mapping of external data to a virtual property. In this release, you can also map object data from external sources to existing Plant 3D properties.
  • Project SetupA new option to hide trailing annotation values and delimiters when no value is specified.
  • Collaboration WorkflowImproved performance and stability when working with large projects and managing multiple files and folders.

Additional Enhancements

  • Improved performance when importing or exporting in Excel using Data Manager, Spec Editor, Catalog Editor, and Catalog Builder. Microsoft Excel installation is no longer required.
  • Improved performance when creating Iso with LDT files.
  • P&ID properties can now be filtered in QSELECT command.
  • Round, Split, and Trim functions are now included in the calculated properties.
  • Ability to accept all individual settings at once in Project Compare.
  • Autodesk Docs Viewer now shows P&ID painter styles in a collaboration project.