Life Hints and Hacks: Find your Community

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Earlier in the year (2022), I launched my life and career in a new direction. With this leap, I immediately found myself isolated and alone, with no outside colleagues and peers to continue to grow and learn with. I had taken for granted the access to clients and professionals associated with my past career. I had no focus or direction related to myself outside of that role.


During the first couple weeks, I worked on new projects, increased my online presence and interactions on forums and posts, and began looking for ways to contribute to my community and industry. A couple of people stood out immediately, as I have been following them for some time @donnia.tabor-hanson @FrankMayfield and @caddude1 


These wonderful people were friendly, insightful, and engaging. Their posts were helpful and easy to read. They provided solutions, tips, and conversations to various skill levels and products. They were people I could relate to, who I eventually found a connection with. 


Through them, I found @Anonymous and his request for Authors on the Autodesk Community Voices. It took me a couple of weeks to get the courage to email him. I wasn't sure if I could write content for this forum. Or if people would find my knowledge helpful. This is where the community comes in. I was encouraged and guided to explore this platform and other groups and forums elsewhere.


For the first time, I had my community, one I built on who I am and what I could provide. Not on who I did work for in the past. I have found my Community, and you can too. Reach out to people, join groups and forums, and have discussions. 


Influences are not limited to those tagged in this post. There are many contributors on this Blog who have been an enormous influence on me. I appreciate all of them, and I encourage you to explore their posts and contributions.


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We are always looking for more Authors, and if you are interested, please follow this link to a post by Shaan on Becoming an Autodesk Community Voices Blog Author


Please like our posts, as this is a new platform. Liking and sharing our content will help others find us and hopefully find solutions to what they seek.