How Fusion Helped Me Launch My Industrial Design Studio


The first time I used Fusion 360, I instantly fell in love with it. Until that point, all software was too techy and complicated to use. The learning curve was so high that it actually turned me off from engineering and product design back at university. I like it when things are intuitive, well-designed, and have excellent user interfaces. 


It was back in 2016 when I first came across Fusion 360, and I was beginning my path as a professional industrial designer. First, Autodesk offered a free educational license, which I thought was great, as all the other software was too expensive for a self-starter. Second of all, the software was exactly what I was looking for. While it's still complex software, it's just so intuitive and pleasant to use. It doesn't overwhelm me. It just works and fuses many facets of product design together. I loved that because it would enable me to expand my skills without venturing into other software. 


Electronic Coaster DeviceElectronic Coaster Device


The decision to use Fusion 360 all those years ago paid off because of Autodesk's benevolent license. I was using the software for free, and I could design various products and launch numerous projects. I used this opportunity to create models and renders. This helped me gain new clients, as they could see my design skills and what I could do as a designer. this brought me new clients and design awards, who, after visiting my portfolio, were impressed with my design work. Without Fusion 360, I don't think I would have even launched because no other software met my conditions at the time. 8 years later, after using the educational and startup licenses, I launched my own studio and started offering industrial design services to my clientele.


Painting spatula design conceptPainting spatula design concept


When Autodesk announced that they would stop the free startup license altogether and start charging subscriptions, I didn't think twice. I had paid for their subscription without a second thought and with pleasure, as it has brought me so much into my life. The software has made me money and has been a tool to win projects for me, and I will happily pay for this marvelous piece of product design software. This company hit it right with me, and I will likely be a customer for life as I have no reservations about using Fusion 360. 


La Vase - Kettle DesignLa Vase - Kettle Design


I just wanted to share this with the community because I felt the need to say something about Fusion 360 and the way it transformed my life. If someone is considering venturing into product design, I would unequivocally recommend Fusion 360 as the go-to CAD software to use and adapt.