How Autodesk User Accounts Work

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Did you know your employer cannot make an Autodesk User account for anyone?


A user account is between an individual and Autodesk... and creating a new one for each new company you work for is NOT a best practice. Instead, the individual should maintain the same Autodesk account across all jobs to maintain their access to various community accounts (e.g. Feedback, ADN, Expert Elite, etc.) and earned badges.


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When an employer adds a new user to their Autodesk Portal, as shown in the following image, it does not make a new user account. Rather, it sends an email to the user with a link to begin the process of creating an Autodesk User account.


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I followed my own advice when I moved from my previous firm to the current one three years ago. I went into my Autodesk Account and changed my work email address. Once my new company assigned Autodesk products and entitlements, I immediately had access. I did not need to create a new account, and I did not lose access to things like beta testing, Expert Elite, Autodesk Develop Network, Badges, and more. However, there was a challenge for the employer related to me still being able to access BIM 360-hosted Revit projects associated with my previous firm (which was not my fault). Be sure to see the video below for more details on this issue!


Bonus tip: When in your Autodesk Portal, you can change your User Name. This is the same name that shows up within Revit, for example, on the title bar, and within the Options dialog, as highlighted in the following image. This is also the same name people see when they are denied access to a Workset. So, change it to something more meaningful, maybe even include your phone extension.


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Check out this video I created to show the entire process, from how an employer assigns Autodesk software access and entitlements to the challenges associated with BIM 360 access to projects from one job to the next.


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Community Visitor

Thank you for this guide.

I can't edit the e-mail tied to my old work account - the option is simply greyed out. I can change username and password though.

Does this have anything to do with my old job using Single Sign On (Microsoft SSO)? If so, is there any way around this?

Unfortunately I don't have access to the old account anymore, but my old IT-department is willing to change the e-mail for me, if I can tell them how to get past the greyed out menu.

Thanks in advance