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COVID-19 Autodesk Community Resources

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COVID-19 Autodesk Community Resources

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Apr 10 2020


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected customers and their families around the world. On the Autodesk community—with the help of customers like you, our Expert Elites, and Autodesk employees—we are creating guidance to help with the challenges you are facing in working and collaborating from home. This collection of resources will keep you updated on our efforts and we will be updating this page regularly, so please check back for the latest.


What's happening


  • Latest Every Tuesday we will run Office Hours on many of our product boards with Autodesk Experts helping you work remotely and collaborate using our products (currently in English only).

  • Stay current by following Autodesk Community on Twitter!


  • Check out some of our webinars to help you work from home:


  • If you need to ask us a question, just click on one of our forums below—we have experts waiting to help.



  • Stay connected with like-minded professionals - join a virtual group todayFind them under "online groups" tab on the Autodesk Group Network page.

  • Read or share with others how community members are coping with working from home in The Community Room.

  • See existing solutions in Autodesk forums about "working from home" here.

Kate Merriman
Program Manager

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