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Zoom to "Corridor Region"

Zoom to "Corridor Region"

In the Corridor properties (Parameters tab) when we add new Corridor Regions, I would like to see this option:

If we right-click on a Region´s name then in the context menu the option "Zoom To Region". Currently there is a button for the opposite case: you pick on a Region in the drawing and the Region (arrow) is highlighted in the dataTable.

Status changed to: Gathering Support

Hi @joantopo . It appears the "Zoom to" option is available on regions that have been created and are not out of date. When you create regions in the Corridor Properties dialog, the "Zoom to" option is not available on new regions. If you rebuild the corridor and re-enter the Corridor Properties dialog, "Zoom to" becomes available on the new regions.


Ok, thanks.

Maybe it could be always available but if the Region is not enabled (or updated) it just need the start and end station of the Region to do zoom to the BaseLine between both stations (or an average station).

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