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Zoom to assembly in the contextual menu in Region.

Zoom to assembly in the contextual menu in Region.

If we select a row (region) in the corridor table and do right button in the mouse to show the contextual menu, it would be nice a new option in that menu:


"zoom to assembly"



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I have a new idea about this with a new command.


A new command which ask us to pick a point in the plan view.


If the point (x,y) is contained inside the area of some region, then the corridor appears in a combobox.


In this way, if we have 2 corridors and some region of each corridor contains that point, then 2 corridors appeared listed in the combobox.


Later, we select the corridor from the combobox, and finally, the command automatically opens the assembly property form (with the assembly which is assigned in that region).


This is a fast way to change input parameters of some subassembly  without checking the "parameter" tab of the corridor form to check what is the assembly is used by the Region.


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