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Xref Transparency

Xref Transparency

When you insert an image into a drawing and select it. At the top there is an option to change that individual images transparency. I wish you could do the exact same thing for Xref's, either image, DWG, etc....


Right now you can change this for ALL Xref's and not on an individual basis.


You should be able to do this by setting a transparency to the xrefs layers.


Also, you should be able to put the xref on it's own layer and make that layer transparent. ie. put the xref on layer x-basemap and set layer x-basemap with a transparency. Just make sure plot w/ transparencies is checked when you print...

Not applicable

Yes you could accomplish this by using layers but you have to adjust the transparency on all the layers that reside in the Xref not the layer that the Xref resides on. It would be a lot preferable to do this in the same manner as you can to an image that's been inserted.

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