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When do we have to do REGEN?

When do we have to do REGEN?

Currently, there are a lot of parts in Civil 3D where we have to do REGEN once we have edited (changed) a object style or a label style.

Honestly, I think that an object or label style should have a "Regen" checkbox if we want to force Regen once we edit a style.

I could prepare a long list because this happens in several parts of C3D...


case 1:

Profile band style edited from ToolBox:  If we edit the "Band Text Box width" or height band and then we pick [Apply], there is no changes in the drawing. Maybe, the first time is OK, but not the second time if you try again. 

We have to pick [Acept] mandatorily and do REGEN if we want to see the changes reflected in the drawing.

The [Apply] button is really good but we cannot take advantage it in this case due to we have to skip before (pick [Accept button]).




Another case:

If we change the width or station of some sample lines, we have to apply REGEN to update (relocate) the Sample Line Labels.

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