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When are you FINALLY going to make wipeouts better?

When are you FINALLY going to make wipeouts better?

Why are wipeouts so unreliable? When are you finally, at long last, going to fix it? They are just so horrible, so difficult to make work properly. Wipeouts have been a problem for years, at least 10 years, and still you haven't fixed them. A great idea, never fully realized because you keep ignoring the problem. Ridiculous.


I'd vote for this if there was actually a suggestion as to what specifically was to be changed/fixed.


Although I agree that wipeouts need enhancements and fixing, but this is more like a complaint, not an idea... What you did is what others have done which causes no change in the functionality. Without specifying what type of changes that are needed, how will this ever get fixed.


Remember, you're posting on the IDEASTATION not a COMPLAINTSTATION. Smiley Wink Please modify your post and specify the challenges you face with the tool and how it can be made better.


Better yet, don't use them!


There are many ways to have a text show with a wipeout behind it that does not include using a wipeout.


Use background mask in prop pallet for regular text

Use the Multileader style editor to include a background for all leaders


So on and so forth


we have banned wipeouts from our plans, they are terrible

Mtext with background, keeps it all together can change offset and all at once


nice and neat

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