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When a New Layer is Created, Allow an Opportunity to Name it First.

When a New Layer is Created, Allow an Opportunity to Name it First.

Often I use the filters in the Layer Property Manager window as I work with many hundreds of layers. 

When I go to make a new layer with a filter enabled, Civil 3D helpfully informs me that "A new layer was created that does not match the current layer filter."


It would be nice to be able to rename the new layer before it is whisked away and I have to search for "layer".

Or if new layers were explicitly included in all search filters until they are renamed or until one is no longer using the Layer Properties panel. 

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. This would need to be addressed in core AutoCAD, but we will share this with the AutoCAD team for review while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.


The simplest thing is that if a new layer is created while a filter is active, the new layer is shown as though it meets the filter.  Of course, once the filter is no longer active, the layer would no longer meet the filter definition (unless the properties of the layer have been set such that it DOES actually meet the filter definition).

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