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weed bad data from surface definition (and general surface debugging)

weed bad data from surface definition (and general surface debugging)

I'd like a function or multiple functions to fix problems that sometimes arise in larger surfaces, like a "weed surface" command.


Firstly and most importantly, I want to be able to have it go through every feature line added in the definition and remove any empty sets, featurelines with 0 nodes or 1 node.  The empty sets just clutter the definition.  The 0 or 1 node breaklines have caused problems where the surface tessellates to 0,0.  It takes a long time to go through manually and find the offending breakline in a surface with hundreds of breakline sets.


Similarly, I'd like to have the option in the same command, or a different one, to remove any "delete line" or "swap edge" commands that are no longer valid due to changes in the surface.  It can already mark them in the definition, so I'd like a faster way to remove them than manually deleting them.


Also, on larger surfaces that I've been working on for a while I sometimes run into the problem where a featureline will randomly "fall out" of the definition.  By this I mean that it is still added to the surface definition and I can't add it again, but the surface is no longer respecting it as a breakline and will not tessellate to it (either for the whole featureline or sometime just a portion of it).  I end up having to find it, remove it and add it back into the definition.  If there was a command to force an audit and make sure the surface was really using the featurelines and not skipping some in the build process, it would make things much better.  Alternatively and maybe easier, having a right click option on a featureline to remove it from a surface would save lots of time finding it in the definition.


P.S.  I can figure out which breakline set a featureline is in by looking at the featurelines properties, but there is no good way of identifying a graded featureline's location in the surface definition other than trial and error.  It would be really nice if you added something to help debug and identify items in a surface definition.  If you had an option be able to highlight in the drawing an object when you select it in the surface definition it would be very helpful.  Then to help in the other dirrection, if you had a right click option on objects like featurelines to be able to quickly jump to their location in a surface definition.

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