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View frame group association

View frame group association

We put a lot of thought & design into plan layouts.  We also present things a variety of combinations when it comes to P&Ps.  It would be nice to be able to re-associate a view frame group to a different layout & type, i.e. change from a Plan & Profile to a profile only or vice versa.  Currently the group can be associated to a different layout, only after the layout is deleted or the viewport changes.  If an option to use a different layout was added into the properties, this would save my team lost time in production.  The option would allow a new type to be appointed, the new layout chosen, & the viewfame graphics updated accordingly.  In short, allow the options on the first screen of the "Create view frames group wizard" to be activated through the properties window. Right now we have to recreate an entirely new view frame group for this to happen.  More times than not, the sheet file has already been created which increases the effort exponentially.  Rather than just syncing the VFG & moving on, we have to also re-cut sheets, because the viewport no longer communicates with the new VFG.  This would allow that communication to remain making production that much more efficient. 


To take it one stop further, an option to re-associate to a different alignment would be nice as well.  I realize stationing would be different.  Maybe a toggle for geometry or stationing could be added, similar to that of the corridor region stationing.  There are times when we have parallel alignments & we think we need to run sheets on one & due to different profiles we need to be on the other.  The sheets are laid out at that point, they just need to roll over to the other alignment.  Instead we are again completely recreating the VFG.  Creating VFGs is easy determining where they go & getting the program to put them there is the tricky part.  It's still easier & faster than setting up sheets by hand!



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