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Vanilla Commands versus Civil3D Commands

Vanilla Commands versus Civil3D Commands

How hard would it be to make some of the everyday editing commands that are civil3d specific but be able to used in a vanilla fashion?


These are just some of the ones come to mind. (Civil3d to Vanilla)


_AeccBreakFeatures to Break


 _AeccTrimFeatures to Trim


_AeccJoinFeatures to Join


_AeccFilletFeature to Fillet


_AeccReverseFeature to Reverse


_AeccInsertFeaturePI to Pedit



These are just some.... I know there's got to be away where we can just type a command ( break ) and it can break vanilla objects and the 3D objects.


Can one command perform an (either-or) fashion?


User types Break, and selects a polyline and can break it, but with the same command the user selects a feature line and it can do a _AeccBreakFeatures?


You can probably do this with custom programming.


For example, I created a command named ET for Editing Text, and the code launches the correct editor for whatever you select (Text, Mtext, Rtext, Attrib, C3D Label, ArcAlignedText, etc.). 


I did something similar for my BAP (Break At Point) routine, which has always allowed for repeated entity + point specification (via WHILE loop), as well as CONDitionally supporting Lines/Polylines (aka Curves), and now Feature Lines.

Custom programming is the quickest way to get at what you're after, but I agree that Civil 3D *should* have supported the vanilla Commands since inception.

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