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User Design checks (for alignments and design profiles)

User Design checks (for alignments and design profiles)

In Civil 3D there are: "Design Criteria" and "Design Checks". 


I would like a new category called "User Design Checks" for alignments and Profiles:




For example, this is a sample for a design profile:




Imagine that we have a COGO point in plant with a particular elevation. The elevation of the point is the top of a telephone pole or electric pole, or could be a pipe.

Our project says that in that station, the delta Z between the design profile and projected point never can be over 4 meters.

So, instead of checking everytime in my own  delta Z in that station, it would be great a "user design check" to apply a connection between 2 objects (our design profile and that projected object). If the delta Z between the projected point and the profile in that station is minor than 4 meters,then Civil 3D will show a warning message.


In the "User Design Check" we could stablish the relation between objects. For example, we could also do it, according to the design profile and the surface profile (difference of elevation between them), for a range of stations ( for example, from the station: 0.000 to the station: 45.000), with a delta Z.


In plant, for alignments, instead of "delta Z" we could do it for "offsets".




Sorry, I wanted to say:

"The delta Z between the design profile and projected point never can be LESS THAN 4 meters."


"User design checks", could be named "Project design checks" instead.



In the "profile view properties" we could also have and "User design checks" tab to choose 2 profiles and compare their elevations.


Then, we could put a range of stations with the minimum and maxium elevation.

**If we don´t want to use the maximum elevation to ckeck it, we put the value, for example 100000


So that, a datagrid with the following columns:


-start station

-end station

-maximum delta elevation

-minimum delta elevation




If some of the "regions" breaks the maximum or minimum elevation, then it appears a warning symbol on the profile view.



I meant "maximum vertical distance". Perhaps the term "maximum delta Z" is not apropiated.

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