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Use Station Offset, Select Offset GRAPHICALLY but allow for NEGATIVE value.

Use Station Offset, Select Offset GRAPHICALLY but allow for NEGATIVE value.

Please see the following thread for more details.


The OP in that thread wanted to graphically tell C3D what distance to use when using the Station/Offset command but he wanted to place them on the LEFT side which requires NEGATIVE values be entered for the offsets.


A suggested feature for the development team to consider:


When prompting for the Offset, allow the user to type a minus key and press enter (or press plus key to switch back) and then when the user picks a distance graphically, it would automatically use the LEFT side.

Status changed to: Future Consideration

Should this command prompt for negative distance or should it instead work like the the 'SO transparent command?


The current command will prompt for two points for the offset distance, but always apply the distance to the right side.


The 'SO command will use the station point as the base point for the offset and allows a distance to be selected either left or right.




Peter Funk

Autodesk, Inc.




My vision for this would be letting the 'SO command prompt for a distance.  But if the user presses - or + & enter at that point, the command would toggle between using a NEGATIVE and POSITIVE version of the selected value.


The command sequence would look similar to the following (the plus/minus in the brackets shows the CURRENT toggle setting):


Command: L LINE
Specify first point: 'so
>>Select alignment:
>>Specify station along alignment:
>>Specify station offset (-/+) <+>: -
>>Specify station offset (-/+) <->: [user picks a distance on the right side]
C3D finds a point that given distance on the LEFT side.

Of course, the user could still just enter the numbers by key in too.

Do you think that a two point distance prompt is needed? It seems like in most cases you would just want to pick a distance from the station point on the alignment.


Peter Funk

Autodesk, Inc.

I can't think of a scenario where I'd need to do it by 2 pts. Someone else MIGHT though. So I'm not sure.

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