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Urban Street Design - Need Correct Subassembly and Behavior

Urban Street Design - Need Correct Subassembly and Behavior

Civil 3D is currently setup for Highway and County Road designs without curb and gutter, with the Lane width and elevation targets attached at the Edge of Pavement (EOP).


In urban street design with curb and gutter we are required to create three profiles for the construction plans and for design purposes. The three profiles are at CL and at both gutter flowlines (Left FL-CL- Right FL).


We need a Street subassembly that gives the target control location to the gutter flowline, not the edge of pavement (EOP).



Subassebmbly Idea:


  • Have C3D Development take the Subassembly.UrbanCurbGutterGeneral and glue it to the end of the Subassembly.LaneSuperelevationAOR to create one new Subassembly..
  • Keep all parameters for both subassemblies as is, and keep the superelevation capability of Subassembly.LaneSuperelevationAOR.
  • Move the width and elevation target control to the gutter flowline (second image).




  • On the initial run of the Corridor, the subassembly uses the lane default cross slope (i.e., typically 2%) to create the Corridor, and automatically create the resultant Dynamic Offset Profile at the gutter flowline.
  • The gutter profile can then be manipulated as needed for drainage, and the resultant lane cross slope will change in these areas. For example, fix flowline grades around outside curves that are too flat, create approach grades on each side for Sag inlets, fix flat flowline grades at the top of Crest curves, transition gutter flowline into intersections, transition gutter flowline into driveways and entrances, manipulate flowlines through curb returns, etc
  • Now there are the three correctly located profiles that are required to be put on the Plan and Profile sheets of the construction plans for review and approvals.


In urban design with streets that have curb and gutter we need design control and profile production capability located at the gutter flowline, not at the EOP.






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