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Upgrade the Object Viewer

Upgrade the Object Viewer

To Whom It May Concern:


So, I noticed the post that states that the object viewer leverages the GPU; good.  There are so many times though that I see an issue in the Object Viewer, and I want to quickly measure something or interrogate the model, so that I can fix it.  Sometimes I will have a 3D viewport open in AutoCAD, to do this, but I think we all know what can happen even with a good machine when you do this :-).


What I would love, is if the object viewer could have the capabilities below:


-  Vertical Exaggeration (like hold CTRL+WheelMouse In/Out)

-  Show Contours (toggle)

-  Make Quick Measurements (in 3D and 2D).  Basically implement the ListSlope command in the Object Viewer.

-  Have a "Hover" measurement tool (kinda like the new one in 2020), that works in 3D.  I want the engineer, who is checking my project to be able to open my model up and check ANY grade, elevation, slope, etc.  In Florida, within the next few years, we are going to be simply submitting models, and we will need the engineer to be able to check every aspect of the model.

-  Have Tooltips appear for all items (toggle).

-  Have a "Center Point" that allows you to rotate about so that you can focus a specific area of design.

-  Have the ability to hide object(s) in the Object Viewer and bring them back.


Just some thoughts :-).




-Seth Cohen

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