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Update Roundabout Corridor

Update Roundabout Corridor

The Roundabout properties (3D corridor category) has the checkbox "update corridor" which is enabled in my case.


The issue is if we move/edit the roundabout object in the drawing by grips, we have to open every time the Roundabout properties dialog box and press the [Apply] button to update the corridor.


It would be interesting this option also in the context menu when we select the Roundabout object. The option "update corridor".



Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @joantopo,

The inclusion of roundabouts as a core feature in Civil3D has effectively resolved this matter. Now, when you relocate the roundabout, the corridor will automatically rebuild itself if you have enabled the auto-rebuild option for that specific corridor.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Although our response may be delayed, we want to assure you that we greatly appreciate your input and take it into consideration.

Status changed to: Implemented

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