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Update projection for my county please?

Update projection for my county please?

Good morning, it's been brought to my attention from a contractor who purchased my County's LiDAR data, that AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 doesn't have the proper pre-loaded Official Projection for Jackson County WI.  I'm hoping that you will consider fixing this issue for 2016 version.

I have attached the correct projection which I received from our County Surveyor.  This projection is also listed in the 2015 publication from the State Cartographer's Office as our Official Projection.  Please let me know if you have further questions.


Thank you, 
April Schoolcraft

GIS Specialist

Jackson County WI






 you can easily make your own custom projection in the mapcslibrary command. you can fill in the fields which corresponds to your local projection system... 



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Thank you. I figured that this is an option, but I'm just trying to inform AutoDesk that they pre-set projection which clients find in the software is incorrect. So, many of our clients who try to use our data (LiDAR/orthos/contours) have issues because they assume the pre-loaded projection is the correct official projection. That's all.

April Schoolcraft GISP
GIS Specialist/Real Property Lister/E911 Coordinator
Jackson County Courthouse, 307 Main Street
Black River Falls WI 54615
Phone: 715-284-0203 Fax: 715-284-0238
Status changed to: Implemented

 The Wisconsin County projections were added to the installation starting with Civil 3D 2016.




Peter Funk

Autodesk, Inc.

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