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Unable to delete unused User defined Expressions.

Unable to delete unused User defined Expressions.

Expressions are marked as referenced, as soon as created.

Unable to delete the Expressions, which are no longer required/created mistakenly.

This will lead to garbage accumulation in the template files based on these Label styles.

Users shall be permitted to delete.





What version are you using?  I just tested it in C3D 2023 and was able delete the expression without an issue.

I am using C3D 2024 
ACADVER = "24.3s (LMS Tech)" 


Also, The expressions are not copied, while the Styles using the expressions are copied into another drawing

It seems the the problem persists only for some groups only.

I checked in Turnout labels, I am able delete the expressions.


That's really odd.  I opened C3D 2024.3 and added an expression.  Then I deleted it with no problem.  I thought maybe that was just because nothing had ever referenced it.  So I set the a style to use the expression for the Text height.  Just on a whim, I decided to see if I could delete the expression even though it was referenced in the style.  It did in fact let me delete the expression.  I used the undo command to bring the expression back.  Then I checked the style and it was in fact set to use the expression for the text height (I thought maybe I hadn't saved the style setting).


Then I thought maybe it was because I hadn't USED the style.  So I made sure that there was a label using the style.  It still let me delete the expression and the label height stayed the same.  When I looked at the style definition, the text height had changed to the VALUE that the expression previously used.


This definitely seems like a bug.


C3D Expression.png


Please see this thread to access my test dwg file ( ).


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