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Total Runoff Volumes Pre vs. Post-Development

Total Runoff Volumes Pre vs. Post-Development

More and more agencies in our area are requiring comparisons between pre-development vs. post-development total runoff volumes from a site in addition to comparisons between peak flows.  SSA does not include this in the Custom Report options.  The only way I've found to make the comparison per storm event is to display the site outfall's Time Series Hydrograph and do a screen capture of the graph & data table.  The time series Total Inflow Summary Table below the graph provides the total inflow volume for the site outfall.  This is an extremely time consuming process to perform for several storm events for pre and post models to insert into drainage reports.


Can Autodesk incorporate total runoff volume into the Custom Report Node Summary?  That way if you have multiple, separate outfalls for a project you will have the total volume of runoff per outfall.

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