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Text - Value From Excel (Dynamic)

Text - Value From Excel (Dynamic)

Allow the User to select a cell in Excel from an open workbook sitting alongside Civil 3D, that will update the Text value in Civil 3D dynamically if the value should change in Excel.


This could be on the contextual right-click shortcut menu for Text.


As you can imagine this would be a huge time saver for updating all the basin symbols in our drainage drawings, along with many, many other uses.







It would be nice to have that work both ways. Your suggestion works well when updating run-off coefficients (storm) or zoning (sanitary). Typically I would be changing the basin areas in the drawing and have to manually update the design sheets in excel.

Yes, two way would be helpful.


Imagine easily controlling your drawing from Excel when changes to Text are needed, especially on a global level. If the lot numbers you had labeled 1 through 20 suddenly need to change to 26 through 46. Street names, tracts, etc.


Could be powerful!


Could have sworn this was doable in some earlier releases of AutoCAD, and not just with linking tables or fields.  There's some references to CAO in the AutoCAD developer documentation.  I remember testing this a *long* time ago and there was a user interface.


derp - dbConnect is what I'm thinking of.

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