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Text Entry Option for Label Styles

Text Entry Option for Label Styles

I would like to create a label style that includes a text entry property. Just as you can add "bearing" or "distance" to a line label, I would like to add "user text." The function of this would be that when I select the label, in the properties palette there would be a field in which I can enter text. For example, you could create a label style with crows feet at the ends of the line and text in the middle. It would be like using a bearing and distance label type, but the label text would be provided by the user rather than being a property of the line it's labeling. This would make it easy to label easements more clearly, for example, or to add a "measured" and "platted" dimension to a line (one being user-provided and one being based on the line it's labeling). I know you can edit label text, but it would be more versatile if there was an option to have a user input built into the label style. This could be added to any label style for any type of object.

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @shortbrandon,

Thank you for your idea. 

Have you tried using property set data in labels to accomplish this? Here's a quick example I mocked up:




Thank you for pointing this out, Tim! I've now looked into that and I think it would provide the function I'm looking for. I'll look into adding that to our template but I think it looks promising.

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